miercuri, 3 februarie 2010

Cele mai reusite intalniri de tineret

"Cele mai reusite intalniri de tineret" cuprinde modele de intalniri pentru tineret cu o strategie ce vizeaza un 1 an de zile!
Inspirative, atractive, teme de lectiuni, propuneri, sugestii, materiale ajutatoare, toate in "Cele mai reusite intalniri de tineret."
Conceput de Catalin Dupu, ghidul a stat la baza multor conferinte organizate in 101 localitati!
"Cele mai reusite intalniri de tineret"
47 pagini A4
pret 10 roni
"The most successful youth meeting" includes models for youth meetings with a strategy aiming the January 1st year!
Inspiration, attractive themes for lectures, proposals, suggestions, aids, all in the "most successful youth meetings."
Designed by Catalin Dupu, the guide was the basis for several conferences held in 101 places!
"The most successful youth meetings"
47 pages A4

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